We have two units, one is for making woven fabrics and another is for extrusion coating, Printing, Tubing and finishing. Total all units area for Land is 15,000 sq. meters and building is about 12000 sq. meters


  • Tape Plant
  • Circular Looms
  • Extrusion Coating Plant-Tendom
  • LD-LLD-HM Liner/film plant- 1000 mm wide tube
  • Liner cutting sealing machine
  • Six colour Roll to Roll Flexo Printing Machine- six color, 1250 mm printing width
  • Tubing plant
  • Auto sewing machine
  • Normal double/single needle sewing machines
  • Bag printing machine-two colour
  • Bag printing machine-single colour
  • Fabric cutting machine Automatic
  • Tensile Testing Machine
  • Denier/gsm testing machine
  • Paper BF testing Machine
  • RPM testing instrument
  • Tempreture testing instrument