We have State of The Art Technology to manufacture such bags. We offer Center Sealed ( back seam )and ‘L’ type stitched bags. These bags are used to protect packed products from moisture. Cement, Milk Powder, PVC resins, Polymer compounds, Agro products, Guar Gum, Animal feeds, Pharma and Chemical products are being packed in such bags. Our Poly paper woven bags are useful for packaging many different types of products such as pet food, fertilizer and yard waste. These bags are having Three layers or more. In three layers, Inside one is of woven fabric, which gives strength. Middle one is PE film, which works as barrier to water and Top layer is of Kraft Paper, which works as barrier to moisture. So content kept in such bags are safe. We make such bags in brown Kraft and white Kraft paper and also with and without Poly liners and Printing. We also make such bags with four, five and seven layer with extra liners made out of paper, metallized film etc. for packaging of expensive products. We also make bags with Paper liners with perforation for Cement and many other products. We many many styles and sizes, including sewn open mouth, self opening square, pinched bottom open mouth, pasted open mouth, pasted valve and sewn valve bags. Paper has an excellent printing service therefore most of our styles can be customized to your unique specifications. We can provide bags in many different sizes, colors and styles. If you are interested, you may call and we will work up a custom quote for your exact needs.

We also make MULTI WALL PAPER BAGS as per customers requirements.

sugar bag price 50kg