These bags are made out of PP woven, Kraft Paper, Non woven and BOPP woven fabrics. They are available with or without printing and in different sizes and with handles for packing of all powder and granulated materials like food grains etc. We make such bags as per the customers requirements.

chanakya rice, Polypropyle Woven Bags chanakya rice

Chanakya Rice

guru makai, Paper Laminated PP Woven Bags guru makai

Guru Makai

united seed - Poly Lined Paper Bags united seed

United Seed

Shrinath Masala- BOPP Laminated Woven Bags shrinath masala

Shreenath Masala

Shreeji bio ferti, Non Woven Laminated Printed Woven Fabric shreeji bio ferti

Shreeji Bio Ferti

Plain Handle Bag Manufacturer plain handle bag manufacturer

Plain Handle Bag

Non Woven Laminated Printed Woven Fabric Non Woven Laminated Printed Woven Fabric

India Gate

dharti bio - BOPP Laminated Woven Bags

Dharti Bio

surti kolam rice, PP Woven Laminated HDPE Bags surti kolam rice

Surti Kolam Rice


Small Bags

Silvercem-PP Woven Laminated Bags silvercem